How to perform CPR

*Before we begin CPR, you want to always make sure that the scene is safe. We cannot help anyone if we get hurt.

*After making sure that the scene is safe, tap the individual on the shoulders to make sure that he/she is unresponsive.

*Once you tap the individual and the person does not respond, shout for help.

*CPR consists of chest compressions and giving breaths.

*You are going to place your interlocked hands on the sternum or the lower half of the breast bone in the center of the chest.

*Make sure your shoulders are over your hands and that you are in a comfortable position (You could be doing CPR for a while).

*Press straight down 2 inches deep

*You want to press hard and fast about 100 compressions per minute.

*Give 30 chest compressions

*After giving the compressions, you will get into position to give breaths

*Place one hand on the person's forehead and two fingers of the opposite hand on the person's chin and then lift. This opens the person's airway so that your breaths can be effectively delivered.

*Once the head is lifted, take the hand on the person's forehead and pinch the nose.

*Give 2 breaths, watching for the chest to rise.

*After giving the 2 breaths, resume chest compressions.

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