Easy-to-use emergency oxygen system capable of delivering 6 and 12 LPM ("NORM" and "HIGH") for high inspired oxygen concentrations. Unit is shipped full with 250 liters of oxygen for a 40 minute supply, ready-to-use, and includes LIFE CPR Mask that fits adult and child with one-way valve and filter to prevent disease transmission. LIFE® USP Grade pure Medical Oxygen is stable and does not expire, so it does not have to be replaced because of an expiration date. 

LIFE® OxygenPac (SOFT): Emergency Oxygen System

$300.00 Regular Price
$261.00Sale Price
    • Simple and EASY TO USE,
      External Two-step Instructions and Clear Cover
      Inhalator: administer supplemental oxygen
      for a breathing victim
      Resuscitator: oxygen enriched mouth-to-mask CPR for a non-breathing victim
    • Easily Portable with Convenient Handle
      20" x 6" x 9" - 16lbs - Aluminum Cylinder
    • Wall Mount for Recognition and Accessibility,
      always available on display for easy access
    • Simple "On-Off" Control Lever
    • Constant Reading Supply Gauge
      (other units must be turned on to read gauge)
    • 90 Minute Supply @ 6LPM - 566 liters Oxygen
    • Resuscitation LIFE® CPR Mask
      with One-Way Valve fits both adult and child
    • Cylinder is easily disposable / replaceable or refillable at local gas distributors.
    • Tight Seal Protects Unit from Dust and Moisture
    • Units Come Ready-to-Use
      full of oxygen with wall brackets and screws